Our Mission:  We are committed to the serving of safe, healthful, and quality meals in our effort to support the academic growth and success of our students, staff and community.

Our Vision:  We are a Food Services Industry innovator.  The Crosby Independent School District Child Nutrition Department will:

  • Follow the regulations of the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs as administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Comprehend and implement the nutritional requirements of students, based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Teach and encourage students, staff, and administrators to make healthful food choices that will improve their well-being.  
  • Develop the skills of each employee.

    Employment Information           Employment Opportunities       

Substitute Cafeteria Worker


Daytime Only

No Weekends or Holidays

$9.00 Hr.

Minimum 4 hours every day!

Qualified Applicants Contact:

Child Nutrition Department

Crosby Independent School District
706 Runneburg Rd.
Crosby, TX. 77532



Child Nutrition Director 
Teresa M. Evans, MSM, CTSBS
(281) 328-9200 ext. 1250

Carrie Allen RDN LDN
(281) 328-9200 ext. 1253

Area Supervisor
Francine Brittain
(281) 328-9200 ext. 1251

Financial Assistant
Rhonda DuBose

(281) 328-9200 ext. 1252

Crosby Kindergarten Manager

Martha Vega

Barrett Elementary Manager
Ruby Reese

Newport Elementary Manager
Rhonda Cole

Crosby Elementary Manager

Kristina Sanchez

Drew Elementary Manager
Carmen Torres

Crosby Middle School Manager
Kellie Miller

Crosby High School Manager
Patricia Collier

Child Nutrition Services

PO Box 2009, Runneburg Road
Crosby, TX 77532

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